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The Accomplishments
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Mrs. Great Lakes International®

Betty Coppock

1.Tell us a funny story about a date night out with your husband.
When I hear this saying I am reminded that change starts with me. We personally teach our children you can't complain about something if you aren't willing to be part of the solution in some way. Complaining without being willing to be the example of the change you wish to see is a waste of time and not fruitful or productive.

2.What are the (2) most important things in your kitchen and why?
He is patient and kind- a dedicated husband and father - committed and loyal. My husband LJ is a semi pro bowler and I love it - he is passionate about competing so understands my heart as I journey through pageantry.

3.What do people assume about you that isn’t true?
The day I met my little brother Lee, who's birthday happens to be the 22nd - pageant day! We were separated for a good portion of our childhood I was in foster care and reunited when I was around 9.

4.Tell us a time you demonstrated leadership skills.
I asked this question on our Alumni page and 1 answer stood out - "Brave." I had attended a "rally" in our home town to stand up for what was right despite being exactly what they were rallying against.

5.If you had no fear, what would you try?
I honestly don't know- he isn't one to have a list of wants or desires but I think I would buy him his dream truck a fully loaded Dodge Ram- make sure it had all the bells and whistles.

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